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Collaborating with businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs to execute projects.

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“If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” 
― Thomas A. Edison


Fellow entrepreneurs, artists, businesses and non-profit organizations.


Management of projects and initiatives from concept to execution.


Using Public Relations and Marketing strategies for your business, organization, service, or product.


about CRPR Consultng.

Boutique consulting  specializing in strategic creative project management and curation.


For large scale projects; connect like-minded colleagues of designers, marketers, stylists, and other communications professionals to lend their expertise on project-based teams. In return, you receive access to skilled talent with no overhead and a streamlined approach.


I collaborate with clients who are fellow entrepreneurs, artists, brands and non-profit organizations. I aim for organic connections, clarity and mutual respect that our goal is the same; to deliver results. 


My role as your consultant is to assist you with strengthening how you (entrepreneur, brand or non-profit) execute by customizing your objectives and match them to your desired results. I work directly with you/your team to build a customized strategy that showcases your best assets while strengthening your areas of challenge. Creative execution of your initiatives and projects for your business, organization, service or product. 



I am passionate about aligning clients strategically to execute their brand goals that allow organic, integrated engagement with consumers, and strategic partnerships that allow growth.


It is important to have realistic expectations. Nothing happens overnight, but with a clear goal, strategy for implementation and execution; together will be on your way to achieving your goals.


Let's work!





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